We create vibrant, inclusive and innovative urban futures by using citizen focused solutions.

what we do for cities

Enable partnerships for vibrant and inclusive public spaces

Provide strategic policy & guidelines to city governments, departments and organisations 

Identify and enable pathways for sustainable growth

Encourage societal change through advocacy & knowledge sharing

Facilitate innovative collaboration between public and private sector

We are an interdisciplinary solution gateway for cities

Urban Innovation provides specialised consultancy services to city governments, private organizations and international development organisations. The scope of our services includes urban development, neighbourhood revitalization, heritage and cultural preservation, urban governance strategies, place making, and more. 

Our Guiding Principles

People centric Urban Design and Planning

Resilient and Sustainable Neighborhoods and Public Spaces

Environmentally friendly Urban Planning

Inclusive and Dynamic Urban Economic Environments

Participatory and Transparent Governance Solutions

Efficient and Functioning Urban Management Systems


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Active Mobility
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Policy Dialogue
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Urban Revitalisation

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UI hosted “Pedal for a Green Future” with Ministry of Foreign Affairs & UNDP

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Inauguration of the ICT Police Bicycle Patrol Unit

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Making cities work the crisis of urban governance

Our Team

Sarah N. Ahmad2
Sarah N. Ahmad

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Key Areas: Urban Governance, Urban Design, Programme Development

Naveed Iftikhar
Naveed Iftikhar

Co-Founder & Partner Key Areas: Economic Policy, Governance, Skill Development

Samna Sadaf Khan
Samna Sadaf Khan

Urban Strategy Specialist

Nida Mahmood
Nida Mahmood

Policy & Research Analyst